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Happy Holidays

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Installation Methods for Commercial Bike Racks

There are a two primary ways to install commercial bike racks. Either in-ground or surface mount.

The specific installation method will then largely be[...]

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How to Select a Bike Locker: The Best Bike Security Solution

A bike locker will be one of the best bike security options for bike storage, as these units provide a completely enclosed, individual area to store[...]

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Bike Room Design

Madrax has helped many customers with their bike room design and in this post, we’re going to share what you need to know to design your own bike room. 

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Vertical Bike Storage

When creating a space that is meant to secure bikes for more than two hours - often referred to as long-term bike storage - a significant challenge[...]

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Bike Parking Key to Long-term Success for National Bike to School Day

It's National Bike to School Day (May 9, 2018). With more than 2,100 schools registered to participate this year, that’s a lot of kids bringing their[...]

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Custom Bike Racks Make Your Space Stand Out

When you're looking to encourage a bike-friendly atmosphere, transform your environment and have a little fun, custom bike racks are the perfect answer[...]

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Custom Bike Racks: Village of Maple Bluff

Maple Bluff had been searching for a bike rack manufacturer but had not found anything comparable until they reviewed  Madrax's  production and custom[...]

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Custom Bike Rack: Social Bikes Bike Sharing

The placement of bike-sharing stations throughout a city necessitated a custom bike rack to fit design and financial limitations. 

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