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Madrax Bike Racks

Garages and basements make for great bike storage spots in your house, but what if there's limited space or you're trying to store more than one bike at a time?

At Madrax, we manufacture a wide range of indoor bicycle storage solutions, from high-density storage racks used in bike rooms to single-space bike racks used in private residences. Read on to learn about all of our different compact and easy-to-use bike storage options, ideal for homes, apartments, and condo units. 


Folding Vertical Bike Storage

The Folding Vertical Storage rack folds up to lay parallel when not in use, but can easily be opened with one hand to hang a bike off of the wall. Great for residential use, these bike racks are simple to use and economical for any budget. For multiple bikes, stagger the installation height of these racks to take the most advantage of your space.



Exhibitor Bike Rack

This bike rack is ideal if you have a considerable amount of wall space but not a lot of room to work with out from the wall. This bike rack mounts to the wall of a basement or garage and securely positions the bike parallel to the wall. 



Z Rack

Similar to the vertical bike rack, the Z rack secures the bike vertically, perpendicular to the wall, with a hook. The Z rack is incredibly easy to use and is a very economical choice for those looking for cost-effective bike storage.madrax_z_bike_rack_with_bike


Parallel Rack

The Parallel rack has the ability to store up to two bikes on a wall. This rack keeps bikes out of harms way while also freeing up floor space. You can safely park cars or utilize storage space under the parallel rack so long as it is installed properly. Each bike can lock to the rack individually, allowing for optimum security.



Wherever you reside and whatever your space requirements entail, Madrax can help. From vertical bike storage to parallel bike storage, and even bike parking on the ground, first think about your space, your ease of use needs, and your economical concerns when choosing the most fitting bike storage rack for you. We hope we were able to provide you with some good bike storage ideas!

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