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5 Essential Tips For Choosing Year-Round Outdoor Bike Racks

Depending on the climate of your installation, there will be different weather conditions to consider when making design choices. One of these choices will be choosing the right bike racks...

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ADA Compliance For Bicycle Racks

When it comes to creating accessible environments for everyone, the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design serves as a comprehensive resource.

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Guide To The Bike Room Builder

The Bike Room Builder is a revolutionary tool that allows you to design your own custom bike storage room within minutes. The program allows users to create their own 3D model of their...

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Tips for Selecting the Best Bike Locker

When selecting a commercial bike locker, the security it provides is the most important factor. But there are a variety of other considerations – like performance, design, aesthetics,...

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Biking to Work Must-Have: Good Bike Storage

With hundreds of communities around the country holding events to help promote and increase bicycle commuting, there could very well be an increased volume of bikes arriving at your...

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The Benefits of a Bike Room

Bike rooms are quickly becoming a necessary amenity for public spaces all across the country. Many office buildings, apartment complexes, and schools are beginning to create spaces...

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Repair Station

Guide to RepairSTAN Tools

The RepairSTAN™ is a convenient amenity that is helpful to riders of all ages and experience levels. It offers a wide selection of tools that can be used on many different bike models and...

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Madrax Bike Racks Partners with AEC Daily

At Madrax, we thoroughly enjoy the day in and day out contact we have with a variety of customers. The relationships we have built up over the past four decades are invaluable to us. As a...

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Brighten Your Space with Themed Bike Racks

Who said bike racks had to be boring? When it comes to finishing up your outdoor space, often times that includes installing a few bike racks to cater to your visitors. While the classic U...

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Materials and Finishes Fit for You

Winter-like conditions, salty air, high heat, and strong UV rays make up just a small portion of the types of environments we ride bikes in, and in turn, need bike storage in. Our bike...

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