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bike storage bike lockers bicycle security

Security Features of Bike Lockers

To provide the best bicycle security while storing bikes, you’ll want to use bike lockers. In this video, we’ll review the security elements of bike lockers to help you select the best one.

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bike storage bike lockers

Tips for Selecting the Best Bike Locker

When selecting a commercial bike locker, the security it provides is the most important factor. So important we have an entire video that reviews the security elements of bike lockers. But...

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bike parking commercial bike racks

Standard Bike Parking Dimensions

We've put together more than 46 bike parking space dimensions to help with your bicycle parking design. Get your bike rack layout on point with the spacing, setback, and other measurements...

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commercial bike racks

Happy Holidays 2018


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installation commercial bike racks

Commercial Bike Rack Installation Methods [Instructions & Images]

Determining the best method of commercial bike rack installation starts with knowing installation surface. Depending on the surface, there are different installation methods you can use to...

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bike lockers

How to Select the Best Bike Locker

A bike locker will be one of the best bike security options for bike storage, as these units provide a completely enclosed, individual area to store bicycles. To select the best bike locker...

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bike storage vertical bike storage bike room

Bike Room Design & Layout Ideas

Madrax has helped many customers with their bike room design and in this post, we’re going to share what you need to know to create your own bike room storage.

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bike storage vertical bike storage

Create Vertical Bike Storage with these Vertical Bike Parking Systems

When creating a space that is meant to secure bikes for more than two hours - often referred to as long-term bike storage - a significant challenge will be to maximize the number of bikes...

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bike storage bike parking bike racks

Bike Parking Key to Long-term Success for National Bike to School Day

It's National Bike to School Day (May 9, 2018). With more than 2,100 schools registered to participate this year, that’s a lot of kids bringing their bikes to school. And it's awesome that...

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bike racks custom bike racks

Custom Bike Racks Make Your Space Stand Out

When you're looking to encourage a bike-friendly atmosphere, transform your environment and have a little fun, custom bike racks are the perfect answer to make your space stand out and...

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