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Madrax Bike Racks

AEC DailyAlthough we do make some pretty cool bike racks and outdoor site furnishings, that's not all that we do! We thoroughly enjoy the day in and day out contact and relationships we have with a variety of customers. As a company, we work with customers from all backgrounds such as contractors, developers, landscape architects, facility owners, schools and universities, government officials, and residential consumers.

We as Madrax Bike Racks and Thomas Steele Site Furnishings are family owned businesses under the operational name of Graber Manufacturing, Inc.


We have partnered with AEC Daily, a company and website with free continuing education courses for your needs. As an e-learning platform geared towards business professionals in the construction, engineering, and architecture fields, AEC daily works hand in hand with this industry. 


In this course you will learn valuable, technical information that is crucial when implementing bike parking. Take a look at bike parking guidelines, learn about various installation and mounting options, properly and effectively determine how to choose the right bike rack for your space, grasp the difference between a good and bad bike rack, and learn first hand about the material and finish choices you have. Come on, lets take a deep dive into all things bike parking.


You may be wondering how this can help you. Well, you are in luck. If you are seeking out learning opportunities for your field, this free bike parking course for credit through AEC Daily is now available! This is a simple, narrated presentation designed to set you up for success. By watching and studying the presentation, the quiz at the conclusion will not be a problem and you will be on your way to earning your well deserved credit.


We have worked hard on this course to serve as a resource for you. We hope you enjoy the information and take the knowledge with you to any current and future projects you may have. 


Feel free to let us know what you thought. We are always happy to chat!

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