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The Benefits of a Bike Room

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Ryan Colwell

Bike rooms are quickly becoming a necessary amenity for public spaces all across the country. Many office buildings, apartment complexes, and schools are beginning to create spaces dedicated to bike storage, because people love all of the benefits they provide. 

And those benefits aren't just limited to those who use the room, either.

A bike room benefits the patrons, tenants, and facility manager of a property from more than just a safety perspective. The inclusion of a bike room promotes a green and healthy lifestyle, and can also have financial benefits.

Let's take a look at how bike rooms can help everyone!

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Tenants & Patrons

    • Provides protection
    • Is safer than parking outside
    • Promotes healthier lifestyle
    • Promotes green travel
    • Caters to needs

There are many benefits to the tenants of a building with a bike room!

The main benefit is an increased sense of safety. A bike storage space provides increased security for bicycles, protecting them from both weather conditions and thieves.

A bike room also provides a safer alternative for riders, who won't have to stress about finding a spot to keep their bike outdoors.

On top of that, riders won't be forced to walk back to the property. This is especially true at night.

Bike room 1

Many people consider a bike room to be a necessity when looking for a place to live.  

Having a bike room also promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle. Cycling has many positive health benefits, and the ease of access to a safe storage space gives people another reason to start cycling. 

In addition to this, supplying parking to green travel has a positive impact on the environment, and can help inspire people to make other positive changes in their lives.

In general, a bike room is accommodating to cyclists, and can make them feel catered to, increase their likelihood of starting/continuing to reside there. By being a welcoming space, it increases your goodwill in the community, and will turn your space into a place where cyclists will turn to.

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Facility Managers

  • Keeps area clean and organized
  • Is a revenue builder
  • Adheres to city ordinances

Facility managers are often the people who have to deal with all of the clutter that bikes create. The inclusion of a bike room ensures that people have sufficient bike parking options and won't leave their bikes in stairways or attached to railings or signs.

Another reason why they are beneficial is because they can be a revenue builder in multiple different senses. You can make from the bike room by charging a small monthly fee to allow people to park their bikes in the room.

Lastly, it may be in your best interest to include a bike room into your space because there may be a city ordinance that requires it. Check your local codes to see if this applies to you.

If you're looking to test out some bike room designs to make the process easier than ever, try out our free Bike Room Builder!

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Ultimately, building a bike room is a large undertaking, but the positives greatly outweigh all potential negatives. Initial upfront cost may be high, but, if set up properly, there will be little maintenance needed afterwards, and the room will ultimately be a money maker. 

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