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Often, once a bike rack is installed, it becomes a permanent fixture. And the only way to remove it is to break up the surface it is installed in.

There are options for removable bike racks, however, that not only allow you to easily remove or replace the rack, but still offer the same standard of bicycle security. 

Why Remove a Bike Rack?

If you're on this page, you probably have a reason for putting in a removable bike rack already. But in certain situations a removable bike rack might make more sense than one that is permanently mounted. Scenarios like:

  • Cleaning or re-finishing the surface, which potentially could involve chemicals that would damage the steel or finish of the bike rack
  • Storing bike racks indoors during the winter to avoid exposure to salt
  • Permanently moving the bike parking area to a different location without having to tear out the existing space
  • Offering temporary bike racks at events

 A removable bike rack gives you more flexibility to access and reuse the space and there are few options you can choose from to best fit your needs.


Surface Mount Bike Rack with Drop-in Anchors

One of the most effective methods of having a removable bike rack, that is a viable option with virtually all standard bike parking racks, is to use drop-in anchor hardware with a surface-mount bike rack. 

A drop-in anchor involves an anchor element that is placed into a hole that has been drilled in the concrete. A separate bolt is then threaded into the anchor, which expands and sets the anchor. A nut is then used to tighten the flanges of the bike rack to the surface.

Drop In Anchor with Surface Mount Bike Rack

If/when you want to remove the bike rack, the nut can be taken off. The bike rack and bolt can then be removed. The anchor would remain in the ground, but is flush with the surface. An appropriately sized bolt could also be re-inserted and screwed in flush to the surface to fill the left-over hole.

If selecting this bike rack installation method, we strongly encourage the use of tamper-proof nuts. These require a special tool to unscrew the nut from the bolt and offer greater security. This style of nut is much more of a deterrent against would-be thieves who could easily remove regular bolts with standard tools. Which would allow them to slide the lock off of the bike rack and take the bicycle with them. 


Freestanding Bike Racks

A freestanding bike rack offers a secure way to lock a bicycle to a rack without the need for installation. Generally, these are used when you want to create a bike parking area on a surface that a bike rack can't be effectively mounted to. Like grass, dirt, crushed limestone or even asphalt.

But because it isn't mounted to the surface, it has the additional benefit that it can be moved whenever needed.

These racks are typically designed where the overall size and volume of materials makes it heavy enough where thieves can't easily haul off the entire bike rack to steal a bicycle. But not so heavy where it's unreasonable to move the bike rack.   

Freestanding Removable Bike Rack

The Spartan Rack from Madrax is an example of a freestanding bike rack that offers secure loops for locking bicycles, but can also be moved if needed. 


Bike Racks on Rails

Like freestanding bike racks, bike racks on rails don't require mounting the rack to the surface. Instead, the rack elements are mounted to a c channel rail, creating an effective enclosure to lock a bicycle to. 

Bike racks on rails are also easily moved. But are large enough that it deters stealing the entire structure. 

You also have a variety of styles of bike racks on rails to choose from. Standard racks, like U racks, can be mounted to rails. But so can more diverse options like the Shark or Sentry Racks.

U Racks on Rails Sentry Bike Racks on Rails Shark Up Bike Racks on Rails
L-R: U Bike Rack on Rails, Sentry Double-sided Bike Rack, Shark-up Bike Rack.


The most secure bike rack is one installed into concrete. But this may not be needed in all instances. Choose from the options above to create secure bike parking areas, but also have the flexibility to remove the bike racks if needed. 

Would you like more help addressing your specific bike parking challenges? Contact Madrax today. Our sales reps are happy to help you find the perfect solution that will best fit your needs.

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