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Bike to Work Day Must Have: Good Bike Storage

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May is National Bike Month with May 14-18 (2018) being National Bike to Work Week and May 18 being the big culmination as Bike to Work Day.

With hundreds of communities around the country holding events to help promote and increase bicycle commuting, there could very well be an increased volume of bikes arriving at your business or facility. Which could carry over beyond just this day or week. Many first-timers who participate in one of these promotions become regular bike commuters.

"there could very well be an increased volume of bikes arriving at your business or facility."

What's this mean if your workers, tenants or other people will be bringing bicycles to your business or facility? There will be a need for you to provide adequate bike storage


Bike Storage for Bike Commuters

The term bike storage is commonly used when referring to parking a bike long-term - longer than 2 hours. Which would apply to commuters biking to work as they would need to store their bikes for several hours during the work day.

So what qualifies as adequate? Each situation has its own factors that play a part, but generally there are a few guidelines to follow that will ensure quality bike storage:

  • Protection from theft and vandals
  • Protection from weather
  • Ease of use
  • Support of the bicycle


Protecting Bikes from Theft and Vandals

The cost of a mid-range bike falls between $300 - $1,000 and bike commuters can easily justify spending well beyond that for a bike and accessories if this is a primary mode of transportation.

The No. 1 concern for bike commuters would then be bicycle security. The most secure solution would be a bike room. A designated and secured room to park bikes. The next best option would be an area within the building designated for bike parking, followed by an outdoor parking area. 

All of these options should include a bike racks or parking solution where the bike AND one tire can be locked to the rack using a U-lock.


Having an area with restricted access to bicycles, properly locked to racks, will provide the greatest amount of security when storing bikes. 


Every bike storage solution will have its own needs. Let us help guide you to the best items for your facility.


Protecting Bikes from Weather

Natural elements like rain, snow, salt and others can do a great deal of damage to bike. Especially if the bicycle is exposed to these elements for several hours every day. 

Obviously a fully-enclosed bike room or area within a building are going to best for keeping bikes from having to deal with changing weather conditions. But for outside parking, additional protection would be beneficial. 

Bike shelters and bike lockers are two great ways to limit the exposure of bicycles. Bike shelters can provide a canopy and/or walls to keep bikes out of the elements. Bike lockers are a more enclosed option and although they can't fully-protect from all weather, they can keep much of it out. 



Ease of Use

Bike parking shouldn't take a lot of time or effort. Bike storage areas inside a building should be clearly marked and easily accessible. There should also be a reasonable amount of aisle space for more than one user to maneuver bikes in and out of a bike parking spot.

Outdoor bike storage should also be marked and located 50 feet from the entrance or closer than the nearest car parking stall. 

Proper spacing (36" ideal, 24" minimum) between each bike parking space is also important. When bikes are parked too close to each other, it makes it difficult to use and bikes can come into contact with each other causing damage. 


Supporting the Bicycle

Not sure if this goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway - the majority of bikes used by professionals to commute will not have a kick stand. This means the bike rack or parking solution will need to support the bike.It will need to keep the front wheel from spinning, which causes the bike to tall. The bike rack should provide two points of contact on the bike.

A bike rack with a wheel well provides additional support for the bike, as well as makes proper use of the rack more intuitive. 


Bicycle Commuting is Good for Business

Bike to Work Week and Day will help spur a new crop of commuters to ride their bike to work each day. But the the benefits aren't exclusive to the riders. Encouraging and supporting commuting by bicycle has benefits for the business as well.


Let us know your bike commuting and bike storage experiences in the comments. 



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